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June 2019, 4-12, Bordeaux

At a time with legions of competitions, where rivalrly and elimination seem to be decisive drivers of success, Quatuor à Bordeaux has chosen to reverse the trend by favouring the long term; the ensembles invited have the opportunity to show all aspects of their talent by peforming concerts, not rounds.

This is why the programs are entirely free: the only oblmigation is the duration of each concert.  It is a radical change of perspective: it is no longer a matter of comparing – in order to better eliminate - but quite simply of listening and therefore of having an opinion... which will be stated by the Committee in charge of appointing its favourite quartet.  

Thus was born the 2019 Bordeaux International String Quartet Competition: three series of concerts for each ensemble, almost four hours of music drawn from the magnificent repertoire of this musical genre.

The public will meet young and wonderful talents at the Théâtre des Quatre Saisons and at the Grand Théâtre, contributing to the diffusion of the greatest pages of our musical heritage, beneficial recourse for those who abandon themselves to it. 

Is competition also rivalry? The world is not perfect, we know that... but the celebration will be beautiful!

Quatuor Tchalik

Verona Quartet

Simply Quartet

Callisto Quartet

Quatuor Marmen

Aris Quartet



Giovanni BIETTI

Festival Musique de Chambre de Mantoue - Italie / Mantua Chamber Music Festival - Italy


Quatuor Diotima - France / Diotima String Quartet - France


Société de Musique de Chambre du Lincoln Center, NY - Etats-Unis / The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center - United States

Emmanuel HONDRÉ

Philharmonie de Paris - France / Philharmonie de Paris - France


Quatuors à Bordeaux - France / Quatuors à Bordeaux - France


Philharmonie de l’Elbe, Hambourg - Allemagne / Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg - Germany



A group of music professionals from all over the world who attend Bordeaux 2019 in person or through streaming.

  • concert agents
  • specialized press
  • theatre directors
  • concert promoters
  • music teachers

The competing quartets know that they are performing in front of a large audience of decision makers who can help them in their career. Members of the committee are offered the unique chance to discover new talents.

Quatuors à Bordeaux 2018 - simon buchou


  • 3 years international concert tour organized by CLB MANAGEMENT* and its partners to be assigned to one (or more) of the participating groups.
  • Prize ADAMI: € 4.000,00
  • Prize Festival Escapades Musicales: € 3.000,00 + concert in Andernos les Bains, 29 June 2019
  • Prize Simon Buchou Photographie: pro shooting session (Cf. Gallery Quatuors à Bordeaux)
  • Prize ICART - Bordeaux Art Management School: social networks and média consultancy (www.icart.fr)
  • Prize T’Edith: Ladies concert outfits (www.tedith.com)
  • Prize Boutique 5, Rue du Temple: Gentlemen's concert outfits (www.5ruedutemple.com)
  • Prix Pétrusse: designer stole - special création for 2019 competition (www.petrusse.com) for each member of quartet winner of the prize Petrusse. Extra award: all artist and all committee members will receive a piece of the collection



update: January 2019

subject to variation

Novembre / November 2019

8 - Louisiana Museum Copenhagen, Danemark / Dennmark

15 - Ville d’Anglet, France / France

17 - Orchestre de Pau Pays de Béarn, France / France

20 - Cultuurcentrum Maasmechelen, Belgique / Belgium

Février / February 2020

2eme Festival Européen de Quatuor à Cordes, Tournai, Belgique / Belgium

23-29 Juin / June 2020 - Japon / Japan

4 performances

Juilliet / July 2020

Estivales de Musique en Médoc, France / France

Festival du Comminges, France / France

Pazaislio Festivalis, Lituanie / Lithuania

Octobre / October 2020

6 - Musique de chambre, Marseille, France / France

7 - Kilkardy Music Society, Écosse / Scotland

14 - Strathearn Music Society, Écosse / Scotland

17 - Oxshott and Cobham Music Society, United Kingdom / Royaume Uni

16 ou or 18 - Kelso Music Society, Écosse / Scotland

En préparation / Under construction

Allemagne, Canada, Espagne, Italie / Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain



Les tournées sont organisées par

Catherine LE BRIS, General Manager assistée d'Eva Nikolova, responsable du projet CLB Management - France

en collaboration avec

Isabella BERTONI, International Music and Arts - Italie

Claudia FEHLANDT-KÖSTER, Künstleragentur Vivace - Allemagne

Marie-Catherine LAPOINTE, Boulev'Art Agence d’artistes - Canada

Reiko TANAKA, Triton Arts Network - Japon