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1er prix du Concours International de Quatuors à cordes 2013 - Quatuor Schumann (Allemagne) - DR
1st Grand Prix 2013 Quatuor Schumann (Allemagne) – DR


Amazing quality and German victory:
1st Grand Prix awarded to the Schumann Quartet

Held for the first time in the brand new Bordeaux Auditorium this year, the Bordeaux International String Quartet Competition started on 6th May, with 12 quartets competing (out of the 14 initially selected). At the previous competition, in 2010, 9 Quartets entered the first round.

Their geographical origins were in France’s favour (7 Quartets: Arrranoa, Capriccio, Deixis, Ellipse, Girard, Tercea, Varèse), followed by Germany (2 Quartets: Schnitzler, Schumann), the Netherlands (Dudok Quartet), Japan (Soleil Quartet), and the USA (Tesla Quartet).

The 2013 was judged by a panel of international specialists, chaired by French violinist Sylvie Gazeau… also including Hatto Beyerlé (violist – founder member of the Alban Berg Quartet), pianist Christian Ivaldi, Guillaume Sutre (violinist – founder of the Wanderer Trio and member of the Ysaÿe Quartet), Stefan Metz (cellist, founder of the Orlando Quartet), Gaëlle Le Gallic (France Musique) , and Pavel Vernikov (violinist – founder of the Tchaikovsky Trio – artistic director of the Sion festival).

Very high standard and four countries in the final

Among the 9 Quartets that competed in the second round, 4 were chosen for the final on Saturday 11th May: the Ellipse (France), Tesla (USA), Dudok (Netherlands), and Schumann (Germany) Quartets, to be judged on their interpretation of Mozart (one of the « Prussian » quartets) and the quartet opus 16 by Albéric Magnard.

By a unanimous decision of the jury, the Schumann Quartet, consisting of 3 Schumann brothers and Liisa Randalu, were awarded the 1st Grand Prix.

Following their deliberations, the co-director of the competition, cellist Alain Meunier, commented that:

this 2013 competition was magnificent, with a very high standard, varied international representation, and consistent artistic quality from start to finish. We are particularly pleased to have welcomed new, emerging Quartets to Bordeaux … and we are already preparing for the next competition.

The Chair of the jury, Sylvie Gazeau, commented on awarding the 1st Grand Prix to the Schumann Quartet…

It was obvious! An artistic explosion! Four attractive, strong personalities, forming an extraordinary Quartet that impressed the jury throughout the competition. They are ready for a great, long career.

Alain Meunier & Bernard Lummeaux, co-directeurs de Quatuors à Bordeaux crédit Simon Buchou
Alain Meunier & Bernard Lummeaux, co-directeurs de Quatuors à Bordeaux Credit Simon Buchou

 1st GRAND PRIX: Schumann Quartet (Germany)

20,000 € – Production of a CD – Concerts in France and Europe

2nd PRIZE: Ellipse Quartet (France) / 10,000 €

20th CENTURY PRIZE / 5000 €: Ellipse Quartet (France) – Schumann Quartet (Germany)

PALAZZETTO BRU-ZANE PRIZE: Ellipse Quartet (France) (+ concert in Venice)
3,000 € for the best performance of Albéric Magnard’s quartet opus 16

Free participation in the chamber music campus of the International Jeunesses Musicales 4-15 September 2013

Tesla Quartet –Capriccio Quartet –Girard Quartet –Soleil Quartet

Bordeaux international string quartet competition ~ from 16th to 22th may, 2016